Work Order Coordination

PropertyRepair can help coordinate 100% of your work orders

Your Virtual Maintenance Coordinator

Spend more time running your business and less time chasing down vendors and repair technicians.

PropertyRepair can handle all work order assignments and tracking at a fraction of the cost of hiring a maintenance coordinator.

You tell us which vendors you want to use based on expertise and location. We’ll issue work orders and provide you with daily and weekly reports on work order status!

Your vendors will even have free access to our one of a kind Scheduling software – 70% of tenants respond within 24 hours.

No more loosing track of work orders or getting overwhelmed. Let us support your team in maintenance coordination.


PropertyRepair Work Order Coordiation Meeting

They treat our clients with the upmost respect, and I would not hesitate to use PropertyRepair again.

– Mike C., Real Property Mangement

The Benefits of Having

Work Order Coordination Support

Timely Response

We make sure projects are assigned and an attempt is made to contact tenants within 24 hours.

Vendors can use our Scheduler™ tool. No additional charge. No app to download. No login required to view each assigned project.

Accurate Reporting

PropertyRepair makes sure projects’ statuses are monitored daily. You will be provided with daily and weekly status reports.

No more guessing or annoying follow-up calls. We track each project closely and can quickly re-assign based on needs.

Complete Project Oversight

We clearly communicate with you as soon as the repair technician reports a project is complete, regardless of whether they have submitted an invoice to you or not.

We can provide you with work verification, so you’re ready to focus on the next order of business instead of waiting for confirmation.

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