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About PropertyRepair.co

PropertyRepair.co started as a favor for a Property Manager and friend in serious need of residential property maintenance help. With over 220 doors under management, he had a 3-month backlog of maintenance requests and very unhappy tenants. I jumped in as a hands-on maintenance coordinator and technician and was able to bring his maintenance backlog back up-to-date within 30-days.

This “favor” parlayed into years of hands-on experience with available processes and tools for coordinating work orders. I soon discovered there was a huge need for a simple, reliable, and effective service for sourcing quality vendors and managing work orders.

All of our repair technicians go through a thorough vetting process that is backed by a 1-year quality workmanship warranty. And our work order managment tool, TheScheduler™️, makes it easy for our technicians to schedule and track work orders from the start, so we know what is happening and when.

– John Rarity, Founder